KAWE Achievements

KAWE is recognised by the kenyan Ministry of Health (MOH) for its work and Epilepsy was listed in the MOH morbidity sheet in 2009.

  • KAWE was actively involved in the preparation of the National Guidelines for the Management of Epilepsy which the MOH launched in 2014 and the revision in 2016 for the second edition.
  • The MOH identifies medical personnel from government health facilities for training by KAWE.
  • KAWE’s “Manual for Medical and Clinical Officers” was adopted for Anglophone Africa by the Global Campaign Against Epilepsy - WHO/IBE/ILAE
  • KAWE’s film entitled “IT’S NOT MY CHOICE” was presented a Gold Award in New Delhi in 1989.
  • KAWE has helped public and private health facilities across the country to initiate epilepsy services. As a result KAWE has a network of 32 affiliate clinics.
  • KAWE has trained over 1600 medical personnel and 3200 Community Health Workers and millions have been reached through media.
  • KAWE has facilitated formation of 14 Community Based Organisations (CBOs) to support people with epilepsy around the country.
  • The KAWE Chairman, Dr. Osman Miyanji was awarded the Ambassador for Epilepsy Award at the 33rd International Epilepsy Congress, Bangkok 2019 for his outstanding personal contribution to the course of epilepsy.