Seizure First Aid

In the event of a generalized seizure, the following information is important in managing the fit.

After jerking has stopped, turn the person on his/her side so that saliva can easily drop from the mouth.

 (Ref image 1-4)


  • Time the seizure
  • Remove the patient from any danger like water, fire, road or machinery.
  • Remove any harmful objects that may be near the person.
  • Place something soft under the head e.g. a cushion or rolled up jacket to avoid head injuries.
  • Remove eye glasses and loosen the clothing around the neck and waist to enable the person breathe easier.
  • Do not restrain the person, this may result in injury.
  • Stay with the person until he/she recovers.

NOTE: Visit a health facility if the person has more than 2 repeated or prolonged seizures (more than 5-10 minutes) and inform the next of kin.


  • Do not panic, remain calm.
  • Do not insert an object like a spoon/stick into the mouth.
  • Do not give the person food/water/drinks and even medicine during a seizure