Registration of people living with Epilepsy by the National Council for the People with Disabilities

Are you registered?

We are glad to announce that a substantial number of those that were assessed in May 2018 have been issued with the NCWPD cards. The issuing of these cards was held at the Karen epilepsy clinic on 12th September 2018.

Mr David Muturi, a representative from the council launched the event by explaining the comprehensive benefits of being a registered member of the council, a few are listed below.

  1. Education support at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
  2. Provision of assistive devices for free
  3. Cash transfers for those with more than one form of disability
  4. Ksh 100, 000 for business start ups in group settings of 10 members and above.
  5. Tax exemption.
  6. No need to pay daily fee to Local Government for small businesses.
  7. Free parking on purchase of an annual  disability sticker valued at Ksh 100 from the council.
  8. It helps the Government to keep count of how many disabled people there are to be able to fairly distribute resources.

He also explained what the card is not:

  • It is not an ATM card, so don’t use it to withdraw money, nothing will come out
  • It is not a NHIF card.
  • It is not a mega rider card to pay your bus fare, so don’t give it to the bus conductor.

There was caution on how to be a responsible card holder. The services that can be accessed by use of this card are for the card holder’s benefit only. It should not be used by anyone else under false pretense. The public has also been warned not to take advantage of a card holder’s benefits, it’s their right and the law is against such misuse.

For us at KAWE, this is a breakthrough. Epilepsy in a family is a financial burden so we are always working hard to find every possible assistance our patients can acquire. Epilepsy does not only affect the sick member in a family, but the entire family both mentally and financially.

Admittedly, in this first assessment session the criteria was not clearly defined, but Mr Moturi mentioned that in future their officers will put all matters into consideration in their assessment of people living with epilepsy.

‘Unlike many physical disabilities, epilepsy cannot be reviewed by a physical examination only,’ he noted.

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