What is Epilepsy?

What is epilepsy

Epilepsy is a brain condition which causes repeated seizures.

Major Causes of Epilepsy

  • Injuries to the head as many occur during a road accident, fights or birth
  • Prolonged lack of oxygen as may occur during difficult labour and birth
  • Diseases that may cause brain damage like Meningitis, Cerebral Malaria and Measles
  • Infections during pregnancy that could damage a baby’s developing brain
  • A foreign growth in the brain
  • Drugs like Alcohol. Bhang, Cocaine
  • Poisons like Lead, Mercury
  • Some forms of Epilepsy have no known cause.
  • Inherited or degenerative central nervous system disorders.

What People wrongly think Epilepsy is:

Epilepsy, translated Kifafa in Swahili, is shrouded in many myths that make it very hard for those with epilepsy to adjust to the society.

In Kenya, people still hold such believes as:

  • A person with Epilepsy is cursed,
  • Is bewitched
  • Is suffering because of unresolved disagreements in the family
  • Can spread the disease to anyone that touches them when having a seizure

People also believe that the disease moves from one relative to another or to a care giver.

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